Kids' Furniture

Nest beds
 For rooms with little space, they are a perfect option to store. Instead of drawers, install another bed so your children can invite their friends to sleep.
Bunk bed and crib
Another way to take advantage of the space is to install a raised bed, which will leave you a large free space, either to place the crib of the newcomer or to install a playground for your little one.
Custom furniture
They can be expensive at first, but they are the best option to take every millimeter. Do not discard them.
Tailored cabinets
 Take advantage of a whole wall and give your little one his own dressing room. You can also enable a space for the child to deposit their toys, stories or things with which he or she has more fun.
Coat Racks
They are perfect for storing what is not used too much. And, at the top, they do not feel overwhelming.
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